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Sally Sweet

My approach to both Aromatherapy and Indian Head Massage is, like my other therapies, to look at the wider benefits they can bring to people’s lives. But the fact that they are very enjoyable to receive makes them a popular element of my practice.

Using essential oils to support the therapeutic aims of the work, Aromatherapy helps clients take away a deep sense of well-being, whilst the oils continue to work over a period of time after the session itself. I offer a range of massages to suit all types of problems.

Indian Head Massage is better known as a therapy that is used in some hairdressing salons as an adjunct to the hair treatment. But it can be so much more when it is part of a whole therapeutic approach. It can be performed over clothes or using specialist oils that nourish the skin and hair. I recommend clients who are new to therapies to try this treatment initially as it is a good introduction to body work in general.


What are Aromatherapy and Indian Head Massage used for?

To promote general relaxation . relief from the symptoms of stress such as headaches and insomnia . relief of dry skin conditions . eczema . aching muscles . low mood . pain relief .


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